[교토] Kyoto tea town for matcha lovers
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  • Are you a green tea lover or food lover? Then join us on this Matcha Town Walking Tour! On this tour, you will be exploring Uji, a beautiful historic district that is often affectionately known as a tea haven for tea lovers and connoisseurs. we stroll around Uji, you will be introduced to many interesting and fun facts about the origins of tea, the art of tea ceremony, and the wonders of Uji. pure, rich matcha powder that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! We will also visit tea houses, and tea fields, and will even pay a visit to some of Japan's oldest shrines, which Uji is home to. wonders of the shrines. For lunch, we will be stopping by a famous tea house, to enjoy “tea dishes”. After lunch, we will get to experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony at a traditional tea house.

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