[교토] Enjoy a tea ceremony retreat in a beautiful garden
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  • You can enjoy Japanese tea ceremony in a Japanese old resilience.
  • Our tea ceremony is easy style. We have prepared seating so you do not have to sit straight on the tatami floor.
  • You can choose your favorite type of Japanese sweet cake, traditional cake made with azuki beans(sweet red bean paste), or fresh fruit daifuku.
  • If you want to try both, you can add it with optional fee ¥500.
  • We can accept the request gluten-free, daily-free , other food allergy-free sweets.
  • We use organic matcha.
  • There is an optional kimono rental service, so you can take pictures of yourself enjoying a tea ceremony in kimono.(Option¥3000)

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14 Utanokitanoinchō, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-8201, Japan

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