[교토] Strengthen the immunity!! Making miso in Japanese old house.
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  • Hello, thank you for looking.
  • I'm a massage therapist for 20 years.
  • I'm also a Japanese tea instructor and cooking instructor.
  • I'm interested in body and mind, so I wanna provide not only massage service but also the way of wellness.
  • This time, I want to enjoy making miso class together.
  • ◎You can enjoy making handmade miso and bring it home(about 500g).
  • ◎Our dishes are gluten-free , MSG-free, and vegan available. We use koji seasoning, Japanese traditional natural seasoning.
  • ◎Thorough our experience, you can learn how to lead wellness lifestyle both physically and mentally.
  • ◎You can enjoy the experience in the Japanese old residence.
  • Miso is Japanese traditional fermented seasoning.
  • Miso is rich in nutrients and very useful ingredient in the kitchen.
  • Traditionally, miso is made from whole soybeans but we make it using tofu refuse so you can make it easier and quicker!!
  • Though soy pulp is healthy food and rich in nutrients , it is disposed of as industrial waste!!
  • This is an effective use.
  • Very friendly se

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14 Utanokitanoinchō, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-8201, Japan

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