[효고] 2 Days Private Tour in Okayama with Charcoal-Grilled Local Food
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  • Ueyama has been a village of rice production for over 1400 years. Recently, these terraced rice fields are being updated rapidly with unique ideas not just for rice production! At times, they serve as a stunning viewing platform perfect for eating rice balls. At other times, they become a golf course where you can get lost in play like a child. Also, they transform into a breathtaking open air site for a sauna tent. Please enjoy the spectacular view of the rice field!
  • Do you know the difference between charcoal and firewood? We will experience making firewood from trees, and then challenge ourselves to cook using both charcoal and firewood! For dinner, we will make charcoal-grilled dishes using fresh ingredients from Kamiyama and those harvested in Okayama! Enjoy it with the freshly cooked, glossy rice harvested in the terraced fields of Ueyama. Let's experience the REAL local life by actually touching, using, and tasting the traditions of Japan!

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