【沖縄】 Okinawa Fruits Land Ticket
3.1 ( 口コミ 9件 )
500+ 件の予約
  • Learn more about this activity's [Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures](https://www.klook.com/en-US/article/11049-covid-measures)
  • Explore an interactive fruit orchard, enjoy the attractions, learn about fruits, and indulge in the fruits of the season!
  • See more than 30 rare tropical fruit trees, as well as animals and plants in Okinawa's largest tropical theme park
  • Discover the attraction's 2 distinct zones: the Fruits Zone and Bird Zone
  • Indulge in smoothies and ice creams all made with fresh fruits at the cafe inside Okinawa Fruits Land

Get a glimpse of hundreds of tropical trees and see the world's biggest fruit at Okinawa Fruits Land! Okinawa Fruits Land is an interactive fruit orchard where you can find new attractions to learn about fruits, and enjoy the fruits of the season. Other than exploring the hundreds of fruit streets, enter the Bird Zone where you can see a variety of bird species—some in cages, others are free flying multi-colored parrots. Admire the little fairy houses and huts scattered around the park, too, and participate in the learning games. There are electronic quiz kiosks that will sparkle for every correct answer to myths, botany, and nutrition related questions. Before going home, pass by the gift shop and bring home fruits, clothing, candy, toys, and more as souvenirs!


Okinawa Fruits Land