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【兵庫】 [Overseas Visitors Only] Kobe Arima Onsen Taiko-no-Yu Ticket & Railway Package
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  • Convenient and hassle-free passes for transportation around Kobe, and between Kobe and Osaka/Kyoto | Enjoy 26 types of bathing and bedrock-bathing experiences at Taiko-no-Yu, Arima Onsen's largest hot-spring facility | Refresh in natural recuperative hot springs — Arima Onsen's waters are said to have therapeutic qualities | Visit Japan’s revered hot spring town, Arima Onsen, and bathe in its precious “gold” and “silver” waters

• This package is only valid for tourists with a non-Japanese passport who are in Japan on a tourist (i.e. Temporary Visitor) visa. Guests will be required to present their passport (with a valid tourist visa) for verification before they can redeem their ticket. Foreign residents in Japan are not eligible for this pass • This package is limited to one per customer. Multiple people are not allowed to share one pass • Regarding admission to Taiko-no-Yu, rental of towels and indoor wear (1 set per person) and usage of the facility's baths are included in the price, however, additional fees are required to use the Taiko Yume Juraku and Hyotan Yume Juraku bedrock footbaths • Taiko-no-Yu also has other facilities including restaurants, shops, an amusement arcade, and a lounge • Guests who are pregnant and/or have other physical conditions that may make hot-spring bathing risky must present proof of medical clearance to enter Taiko-no-Yu • Guests with tattoos and those who are intoxicated are not allowe