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[Tokyo] (総合)Tokyo Comprehensive Samurai Experience—Use a Real Japanese Sword at a Dojo in Machida
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  • Enjoy a lecture, a hands-on experience wielding mock and wooden swords, and cutting straw poles with a real sword | Experience three fields of swordsmanship at a beginner level: Iai, Gekken, and Cutting | Learn authentic Japanese martial arts | Receive a certificate of Toyama Ryu Bizenkai upon completion of the experience | Taught by a Japanese sword and Yabusame (traditional Japanese horseback archery) master with over 26 years of experience
What to expect

• Please let us know the height and weight of the participants so that we can prepare training clothes. • Since real Japanese swords are used, alcohol consumption is prohibited prior to the experience. 【important 1】 Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. We have had several cases where guests do not show up more than an hour after their reserved time and end up waiting 2 hours before showing up. Waiting for those who are late and consequently cannot come is causing inconvenience to other guests and guests in the next course. Please arrive before the start time. 【important 2】Concerning media coverage and filming. If you would like to use this experience for news gathering or social networking, please be sure to inform us of your company name, name of the person in charge, contact information and purpose of use in advance. If you inform us on the day of your visit, you will understand, but it will cause inconvenience to other guests. We will charter the room (a separa

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