[Tokyo] Cruise between Asakusa and Odaiba by Tokyo Mizube Line in Tokyo
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  • Witness the beauty of Tokyo through a relaxing cruise when you book this one-of-a-kind activity from Klook!
  • Hop on the water bus of Tokyo Mizube Line and enjoy a scenic journey from the route of your choice
  • Venture between Asakusa and Odaiba and see famous landmarks along the way!
  • Tag your friends and family along and take advantage of this cool experience in Tokyo
What to expect

See Tokyo from a different perspective and join this relaxing cruise between Asakusa and Odaiba via Klook! You’ll ride Tokyo Mizube Line’s comfortable water bus that will allow you to move freely in this thrilling scenic ride. You can choose between the Asakusa to Odaiba route or vice versa whichever fits your schedule and itinerary best. Make sure to bring your camera as you will pass by some of Tokyo’s top sights including the Tokyo Sky Tree, Tsukiji Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, and more! The cruise can be done in under an hour allowing you to use your free time to explore more of either Asakusa or Odaiba. Bring your family and friends along and enjoy this exciting voyage together in Tokyo!

Additional Info

Depart from 2 Locations in Sumida river area


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