[Tokyo] Kimono and Yukata Rental at Kimono Miyabi Asakusa Station Branch
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  • **Limited Time Only! Klook Exclusive Next Day Return during March 15 - April 15, 2024
  • ** See below for more details
  • Enjoy visiting Asakusa or Ueno while wearing a Japanese traditional kimono by Kimono Miyabi
  • Kimono Miyabi provides different kinds of kimono packages for you to choose from for a hassle-free experience
  • Kimono Miyabi's staff members are always happy to help you in choosing the best kimono using their professional skills
What to expect

# **Limited Time Only! Klook Exclusive Free Next Day Return!** Show this message and return your Kimono the next day for FREE! Enjoy Cherry Blossom at night while wearing Kimono with this Klook exclusive offer for rental during March 15 - April 15, 2024 **Terms & Conditions** * Please return the Kimono by 11:00AM the next day or there maybe additional surcharges * Offer applies for bookings made through Klook with experience date during March 15 - April 15, 2024 * Offer does not apply to Furisode and Houmongi Kimono is part of the traditions and culture of the Japanese people and represents Japan as a whole. The garment has become a must-try for travelers and is highly recommended to be worn at least once when visiting Japan. For your kimono needs, Kimono Miyabi is a professional kimono rental company that you need to visit. They provide a variety of products including kimono rental plus hairstyling and makeup services. Their staff members are also multilingual so you don’t have to worry about communicati

Additional Info

2 Chome-20-8 Kaminarimon, Taito City, Tokyo


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