[Shizuoka] "Explore Atami's Culinary Culture" Walking Tour
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  • Atami has a long history of being a retreat destination and has attracted many VIPs in Japan. There are many small local shops providing quality ingredients, food and more to traditional ryokans (inns) with high standards, as well as serving local residents of Atami.
  • This small-group walking tour is to visit three local specialty shops, learning about history, products and more (including free samples!) through engaging in an informal conversation with shop owners, while an English-speaking guide accompanying the guests. Three shops will be selected on a rotational basis, but they include Green Tea/seaweed shop, Wasabi Zuke (pickles) shop, Katsuobushi (bonito/skipjack tuna used for Japanese soup stock) and Tofu shop. This is a great opportunity to explore Atami’s culinary culture and to immerse yourself in authentic life of Atami locals.
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