[Yamanashi] [Group of 4] Mt. Fuji & Owakudani & Kamakura & Mt. Omuro & Enjoy the Cool Sea Ferry Ticket Guaranteed Seats & Centennial Hot Spring Hotel Two-Day Tour|Departure from Tokyo
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  • The 2-day tour period is limited, 4 people in a group! Guaranteed to go! Guaranteed to be available!
  • Visit the famous Japanese mountain Fuji, look for the volcanic relics of Owakudani, and enjoy the beautiful Lake Kawaguchi
  • Experience the century-old Shuzenji Hot Springs to wash away the fatigue of the journey
  • Enjoy the Atami Fireworks Festival up close by taking a cool boat on the sea (Note: The cool boat is only available in summer, and there are only a few stocks left on 8/18 and 8/22)
  • Visit around Kamakura: cultural property Enoshima, animation filming locations such as "Memories of Autumn" and "Slam Dunk", and the Great Buddha of Kamakura
What to expect

Visit Japan's holy mountain Mount Fuji, go to the mysterious volcanic ruins Owakudani, take the Kawaguchiko cable car to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hakone, experience the centuries-old Shuzenji hot spring, visit the Atami Summer Festival, take a boat on the sea to watch the fireworks show up close in the summer season, go to the Slam Dunk anime tour, experience the Kamakura train, and a very rich two-day tour.

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