[Tokushima] [Japan’s Shikoku Chartered One-Day Tour] Departs and ends in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture|Otsuka Museum of Art/Otsuka Bridge (Naruto Whirlpool)/Naruto Park/Awa Dancing Hall|Itinerary can be freely matched
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[Private Routes] Professional itinerary planners will plan routes for you, so you can travel wisely and avoid unnecessary mistakes.
[Warm-hearted service] Real-time online after-sales Q&A in Chinese, making your journey worry-free.
[Worth Trusting] Carefully selected drivers, one in a million, with Chinese and Japanese driver service (randomly selected), making traveling no longer complicated.
[Complete vehicle models] A complete range of vehicle models from 5 to 45 seats are available, making travel for different groups of people possible in one stop.

What to expect

Exclusive private charter can easily travel to various famous attractions in Shikoku. The itinerary can be freely matched, eliminating the trouble of transportation planning, and enjoying a comfortable and secure journey.

Map of destination or departure area

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