[Okinawa] Premium tour to experience Ryukyu culture on Okinawa's remote island "Izena Island" (Okinawa remote island culture experience)
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・Premium dinner prepared by a popular island chef Enjoy typical Okinawan cuisine using pesticide-free vegetables and seasonal ingredients unique to the island ・Includes sanshin experience & special lecture, Ryukyu folk costume rental! Izena is an island filled with eternal historical romance, such as the unification of the Ryukyus and the construction of a castle, and the rise of a young man from the island to become the king of the Ryukyus. Experience the sanshin while listening to stories about history and culture.
・Freshly caught seafood BBQ. Become a member of the island and dance Eisa with a glass of island sake in hand.
・Relaxing cycling with a guide. Spend a luxurious time on the island riding an e-bike with a local guide and relaxingly exploring the majestic nature.

What to expect

A premium tour to experience Ryukyu culture on Okinawa's remote island "Izena Island"! While staying in an old private house where you can feel the good old Okinawan life, experience various activities in the great nature of Okinawa and learn about its history and culture! Book now on KKday!

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