[Okinawa] Surfing & Bodyboarding & SUP Experience in Okinawa
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  • * A safe and secure surfing experience in the beautiful sea of Chatan Town, Okinawa!
  • * Supported by experienced staff
  • * Please feel free to join us even if you are a beginner!
  • * Equipped with hot water showers, changing rooms, and free parking, so you can participate in the course with peace of mind.
What to expect

**Surfing Experience** We have a reputation for lectures, and staff with solid skills will help you experience! Our Haisai staff includes instructor qualifications from the World Surfing Federation and the Japan Surfing Federation. Classes by highly skilled staff are safe and accurate! The shop is right next to the surf point, and you can participate in the course with peace of mind with hot showers, changing rooms, and free parking. A small group surfing school that is safe even for the first time We provide individualized instruction. After lessons on land, surf in the ocean. We will guide you on the problems on land again, so most people succeed in riding well on the second surfing! There will be breaks in between, so let's challenge without difficulty. **Body board experience** Easy body board anyway! Beginners and children can easily start Bodyboarding is a sport that allows you to crawl on the surface of the water by lying on the board. The reason for its popularity is that anyone can easily enjoy it

Additional Info

Surfside Service Haisai: 176-S288 Hamagawa, Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0112


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