[Okinawa] Kerama Tokashiki Island Swimming, Snorkeling, and Turtle-Finding Experience in Okinawa
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If you find yourself in gorgeous Okinawa Prefecture, make sure you get to participate in a one of a kind, summertime-only sea bathing and snorkeling experience in Kerama Tokashiki Island. It's one of the prefecture's neighboring islands and is known for the huge expanse of its verdant landscape, and for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. You'll be given round trip tickets to ride a boat between Okinawa and Kerama Tokashiki, so there's no need to worry or be hassled with finding a ride to get there. Once you arrive at Tokashiki Port, you'll hop on a bus that'll take you to one of the largest beaches on the island, Aharen Beach. There, you'll begin some free time to relax, which is your opportunity to revel in the tranquil atmosphere of the island and go for a relaxing stroll on the soft white sand. You'll even get to munch on some delicious lunch, which is included in your package. Once you're done with your free time, you can go sit by the beach and sunbathe, or you can go for a soothing and re

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