[Okinawa] Okinawa World Ticket and Culture Workshop Experience
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Okinawa World, also known as the Gyokusendo Kingdom Village, is a thrilling museum and immersive theme park that gives you a distinct look into Okinawa’s culture. With this ticket, you'll be able to explore the different areas of Okinawa World which include the Okinawa Cave, Habu Park, Nanto Brewery, the Orchards, the Culture Center, and so much more. Along with your entry pass, you'll be able to select a cultural experience that you prefer! You can opt to learn how to make Buku-buku tea, wear a traditional Ryukyuan costume, learn how to do Shisa painting, leatherwork, coaster weaving and more. You can even look into the Habu Museum and learn about this colorful world!

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〒901-0616 沖縄県 南城市 玉城前川1336


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