[Okinawa] ATV Adventure in Okinawa(Itoman/Higashi Village/Yomitan)
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Discover the natural beauty of Okinawa on the back of a four wheel ATV that promises lots of fun for the whole family! Upon arrival at the site, you will be provided with a safety instructions by a coach. You will also be given a crash course how to handle your ATV, which requires no special license. Your first ride will be through a mountainous terrain so be prepared for lots of flutters in the belly from bumping up and down the dirt roads. Next, you will ride through a lush forest with little wildlife scurrying around you. Opt for the extra value course and get driven in a powerful Hummer SUV through sand and stones. At the end of your experience, you will unwind by going for a serene stroll through the green forest while surrounded by the relaxing sounds of chirping birds.

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