[Okinawa] Shuri Ryusen Coral Dyeing(Naha/Workshop)
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  • Use Okinawa's beautiful local coral as a dyeing tool for making your crafts
  • ,Enjoy the cultural experience and make yourself a t-shirt, handbag or many other items
  • ,Learn from some of Okinawa's most skilled artisans and craftsmen
  • ,The arts and crafts element of this activity makes it an activity for the whole family to enjoy
What to expect

Enjoy a great day out and make an original gift to give loved ones with the Shuri Ryusen experience. Ryusen has 43 years of history and has long played a big part in the Okinawan dyeing culture. Coral dyeing uses the natural shapes of coral to create your own pattern, then you can use this to create a gift such as a t-shirt or even a handbag. In Okinawa, corals are believed to bring happiness and bring prosperity and longevity, and with this in mind enjoy the experience with the kids and get them involved in finding out more out Okinawan culture in a fun and interactive way. The perfect day out for the whole family to enjoy!

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