[Hiroshima] Tomonoura Sea Kayaking Experience in Hiroshima
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Venture off to the sea and explore the islands of Tomonoura in this thrilling sea kayaking experience! Travel to Sensujima and Bentenjima and marvel at the islands’ untouched natural landscapes. Reconnect with nature as you stroll around the island’s deserted beaches. Paddle to the magical Abuto Kannon, an island that looks to be protruding from the sea and can only be reached by kayak. Learn more about the history of the islands as you explore the port town of Tomonoura. This town became an inspiration and was featured in popular Hollywood films such as “The Wolverine” and the Ghibli film “Ponyo”. Re-energize after a morning of paddling with a delicious lunch at one of the untouched beaches. Experience another side of Japan during this unforgettable trip in Hiroshima!

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