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  • The on-site staff kindly and carefully introduce the nearby sightseeing spots and experience the urban charm of Shimanto City
  • A variety of bike models to choose from! Choose the bike you want to experience according to your preferences
  • Provide children's car models, adults and children can have a happy experience
  • Freely plan your own cycling route and experience the pace of local life
What to expect

Book a bicycle rental plan in Shimanto City now, and explore the charms of Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture at your own pace by riding a bicycle and riding the wind at your own pace! There are e-bikes that can easily climb hills or two-seater rides where two people work together. Either way, you can easily book an experience through KKday. Shimanto River has the reputation of "the last clear stream in Japan". The surface of the river is as clear as a mirror, and the surrounding scenery is also very pleasant. On the way, there are also famous scenic spots such as Shenxia Bridge, Chitie Bridge, Yoichi Shrine, etc. Let’s set off with a cute and fashionable bicycle!

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Shimanto River

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