[Kochi] Niyodo River Sightseeing Taxi | Nagoya Chinka Bridge & Yasui Valley & Nakatsu Gorge | Kochi
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  • A route to enjoy the Yasui Valley and Nakatsu Gorge and see the "Niyodo Blue" up close in the clear, natural waters of the Niyodo River, which has the highest water quality in Japan
  • A local guide will show you the highlights of Yasui Valley
  • Spots that are difficult to reach without a car are made easy with a sightseeing taxi!
What to expect

A tour by chartered sightseeing taxi of the crystal-clear Niyodo River, which boasts the best water quality in Japan. The beautiful Yasui Valley lets you see the "Niyodo Blue" up close; the trail stretches some 2.3 km through pristine landscapes and glorious scenery including the Uryu Falls. You can also visit the Nagoya Chinka Bridge, a low-water crossing over the "Niyodo Blue" without a railing. Enjoy the nature of Kochi to its fullest, without worries or hassles thanks to this chartered taxi tour.

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