[Kochi] MY-YU Bus Katsurahama Ticket + Ticket to Your Choice of Sightseeing Spot in Kochi City|Japan
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  • Ride designated trams for free with MY-YU Bus Katsurahama Ticket
  • Convenient for sightseeing! It stops at Mt. Godai, home to Katsurahama and Makino Botanical Garden
  • Relax and enjoy sightseeing in Kochi Prefecture with this worry-free set plan
What to expect

Indispensable for sightseeing in Kochi City, this is a set plan of a one-day tour bus ticket and a ticket that can be used at any one of five popular facilities. You can choose which facility on the day you redeem the voucher, based on the weather and how much time you have. Making effective use of the bus allows you to fully enjoy Kochi city for an entire day! Tourist facilities where the tickets are redeemable are the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum, Kochi Castle Museum of History, Makino Botanical Garden, Kochi Castle, or a coupon valid for JPY 500 at Hirome Market. You can select one from these five facilities. We also sell MY-YU Bus Katsurahama 1-Day Passes for tour buses from JR Kochi Station to Katsurahama.

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