[Fukui] Private Woodworking and Lacquerware Session for Crafting Spoon
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  • An experience where you can learn the process of making Echizen lacquerware by visiting two workshops, Hacoa and Shitsurindo and making your very own original lacquer spoon. Guests will get to see the process of making authentic Echizen lacquerware.
  • Hacoa is a woodworking workshop that makes the base for many of the lacquerware craftsman in the area. Here you will get to see craftsman transform wooden blocks into commercial products. After viewing the workshop you will polish your own spoon and head over to Shitsurindo.
  • Shitsurindo is a Echizen lacquerware workshop where craftsman paint lacquer. You will get to also see their workshop which is usually off limits. Here you will paint your spoon with lacquer.
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