[Fukui] Private Art Craft Pottery Activity at Echizen
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  • Echizen ware, which was born in the Heian period, is one of the six ancient kilns in Japan that still continues to produce pottery. Soil that contains a lot of iron has a distinctive red-black color on its surface.
  • This time we will take you to a workshop where Echizen ware is made. You can also view artworks by Taro Okamoto and others at the Echizen Ceramics Village, and learn about the history of Echizen ware at the Echizen Ancient Kiln Museum.
  • Echizen Old Kiln Museum
  • Echizen Ancient Kiln Museum is a museum that opened in 2017. In addition to the Echizen ware museum, there is also the ``Old Mizuno Family Residence,'' an old folk house from Fukui that was relocated, and a full-fledged tea room.
  • Echizen Pottery Village
  • A hands-on museum of Echizen ware. There are many works of art in the facility.
  • Sometimes it's simple pottery for everyday use, sometimes it's a surprising work of art. Why not enjoy Echizen ware, which has many different faces, with all five senses?
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