[Ehime] Immerse yourself in the original scenery of the Edo period: Rice and vinegared egg tour (Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture)
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  • Tasting with 5 carefully selected vinegars from over 100 breweries across the country
  • Experience and learn the basics of Japanese cooking, such as how to use vinegar to ``make the most of ingredients''
  • Guide to the inside of Uchiko-za, an important cultural property located in the nationally recognized Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District.
  • Experience making vinegared eggs, which are very popular both domestically and internationally
  • Enjoy the important cultural properties built during the Edo period and the people's lives, such as the washi paper and wood wax production that supported Uchiko Town.
What to expect

Uchiko Town in Ehime Prefecture retains the original scenery of the Edo period. You can experience authentic Japanese food by sightseeing around the city, experiencing making the local fermented seasoning vinegar, tasting, and cooking classes. Empty-handed OK

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