[Ehime] Named Valley Canyoning
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  • Japan's leading canyoning spot in the southwest of Shikoku
  • This is a course where you can fully enjoy Ehime Prefecture's Ashizuri Uwakai National Park.
  • The stage is set in a valley through the Meguro River, one of the Shimanto River tributaries.
  • After finishing the half-day course, proceed further to the back,
  • One of Japan's 100 largest waterfalls and 40 meters of slider points
  • “Yukiwa no Taki” is the goal point.
  • Next to Yukino Falls there is a natural Ochiai Pass that can be called a pipe slider created by nature, and you can enjoy all the big slider points in the valley.
  • There is a steep staircase on the way, but you can also take a lunch break,
  • The guide will select the spot of activity according to your physical strength,
  • There is a detour for each point, so even beginners can participate with peace of mind.
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