[Gifu] Nagoya/Kanayama: Eiho-ji,Enakyo,Magome-juku&Tsumago-juku Day Tour
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  • Experience the Togisawa River as you stand serenely at the Eihoji Temple.
  • Marvel at the breathtaking landscapes of unusual rock formations at the Hina Gorge Observation Deck.
  • The observatory offers a panoramic view of seasonal nature and the wonderful scenery of Enakyo canyon right next to the red Enakyo Bridge.
  • Magomejuku & Tsumagojuku are tasteful Japanese old townscapes, where you can enjoy the history and culture.
  • Mt. Torikke Eiho-ji Temple → Enakyo Observatory → Magome-juku → Tsumago-juku
  • Eiho-ji Temple, standing serenely on Mount Torikke, offers a peaceful sanctuary.
  • From the Hida-Kanayama Observatory Deck, you can admire the stunning landscape of peculiar rock.
  • Magome-juku retains the architectural charm of a traditional Edo-period post town in Japan.
  • Time seems to stand still in Tsumago-juku, as if frozen in the Edo period, capturing the essence of that historical era.
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