[Aichi] 2-Day : Cultural Spa and Hakama Experience in Historic Nagoya
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61,000 JPY

  • This luxurious Japanese wellness spa offers a resort-like experience, reflecting Japan's elegance. It features exclusive fragrances supervised by one of only two Kodo head families in Japan. Guests access a culturally significant tea room, usually closed to the public, with enhanced spa ambiance through live traditional Japanese music. Luxurious treatments include a 24K gold pack for facial and body treatments, adding a unique touch.
  • In Endoji Shopping Arcade, Wasuikouan tea room provides an opportunity for a meal with tea and sweets. Experience cultural richness and culinary delights in Nagoya's historic district. At Suzu-ki, enjoy kelp broth with water from Yoro, Gifu. Experience bonito shaving and a demonstration of Japanese dishes.
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