[Aichi] Observe how tea leaves become matcha in one of the largest production areas of matcha! Nishio Tea Taste Comparison and Matcha Tea Making Experience (Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture)
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  • You can tour the matcha production site! Let's observe tea leaves at the field that won the best tea competition in Japan
  • Dress up in traditional tea picking costumes and enjoy a photo shoot at the tea plantation
  • From tea picking to a matcha factory tour, to tasting your own matcha, you can enjoy it all at once! (with Japanese sweets)
  • Enter a long-established matcha factory that is rarely open to the public and take a peek into the tea-making process
  • A place for casual interaction where you can enjoy the experience of making matcha with a local guide. Local guide gives interesting commentary about matcha
What to expect

A plan where you can experience with your five senses how high-quality matcha is produced in Nishio, a major matcha production area. Nishio's matcha is rich in theanine, which is an umami ingredient, so it has an excellent relaxing effect. Learn about the nearly 800-year-old history of matcha in Nishio and how to produce fine matcha from your local guide. At Aoi Seicha, a long-established store that manufactures matcha from tea leaves, you can visit the manufacturing factory where tencha (the raw material of matcha) is ground with a stone mill to deepen your understanding. Finally, you will have a casual matcha experience using "Nishio matcha" (experience making and drinking matcha yourself) and hearing about the tea ceremony from the guide. You can also eat Japanese sweets with matcha. Let's learn the heart of Japanese tea while tasting the deliciousness of Nishio's matcha.

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