[Nagano] 3-Day Train Tour | Autumn Foliage Through the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route & Kurobe Gorge Trolley Train & Kamikochi (Departing from Nagoya)
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69,900 JPY

  • [Delivery dates confirmed] September 18th, 26th, October 6th
  • We will visit one mountain sightseeing spot that is popular among Japanese people each day.
  • Since you will be staying at the same hotel for two nights, you can enjoy sightseeing without having to carry your luggage on the second day.
  • The hotel will provide you with a room with a bed type.
What to expect

A leisurely 3-day trip to see the spectacular views of the Northern Alps: 1. Kamikochi, which cannot be reached by car; 2. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, which requires six different modes of transport from Ogizawa Station to Tateyama Station; and 3. A ride on the Kurobe Gorge Trolley Train, which travels at an average speed of 16km per hour and offers spectacular views. Let's go on a relaxing trip to Japan's nature!

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