[Nagano] Shiga Kogen Golden Line 1-day Pass (Nagano Prefecture)
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  • The view of the Northern Alps from the summit of Higashidateyama is spectacular. Many rare alpine plants can also be seen in the gardens near the summit.
  • The ticket for the three gondola lifts is a one-day pass, and you can also use the natural hot springs at the accommodation facilities along the way.
  • At the restaurant at the summit, you can enjoy the famous cheese fondue paired with local Shinshu wine, as well as light meals.
What to expect

Book your 1-day unlimited ride pass for the Shiga Kogen Golden Line in Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture online! This is a somewhat unusual experience, as you board the Shiga Kogen Resort Gondola, a rare triple gondola in Japan, and first descend to the Kawaragoya (Giant Ski Resort) area. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and aerial walk from the gondola.

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