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[Kanagawa] Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club E-Ticket (Includes Onsen Robe & Towel Rental)
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  • Bathe in hot onsen waters right in Yokohama’s glittering Minatomirai district | Book with a Rakuten account to earn and use points for every ticket! | Enjoy the onsen ambiance and experience with great views and Japanese cuisine on offer | Flexible tickets — book now, use up to 3 months later | Spa experience just 5 minutes walk from Minatomirai Station, with free shuttle from Yokohama Station
What to expect

'- A bathing tax of 100 JPY per person is charged onsite - Ages 0–2 are free of charge, but babies in diapers cannot enter - Ages 0–12 must be accompanied by a guardian - A late-night fee is required for those staying after 03:00 - Rental rooms, guest rooms, capsule cabins, and special rooms are charged separately - Tickets are valid up to 3 months after purchase (please confirm the validity on the ticket) - Operating hours and dates are subject to change without notice; please check on the venue’s website directly before your visit - This voucher cannot be used along with other coupons - Some facilities and activities may be closed depending on the season - No entry for those with tattoos, associated with violent groups, or under the influence of alcohol - No entry for those with infections or skin disease - No outside food or drinks (except allergy-friendly and baby foods) **Using Tickets** - This e-ticket requires an internet connection to use; be sure to have a mobile device with intern

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