[Fukuoka] Fukuoka and Surrounding Areas Private Car Charter and DISCOVER KYUSHU EXPRESS “36+3”(private compartment type) Package

DISCOVER KYUSHU EXPRESS “36+3”(private compartment type)

Fukuoka / Kagoshima / Kumamoto / Miyazaki / Nagasaki / Oita / Saga
Popular areas and events
Aso National Park Beppu Onsen Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Fukuoka Airport Huis Ten Bosch Sakurajima Yakushima Yufuin Onsen

17,600~27,700 JPY

[Fukuoka] Fukuoka and Surrounding Areas Private Car Charter
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What to expect

Ease into your Fukuoka adventure in a private car charter around Fukuoka city and surrounding areas! You can travel safely and comfortably as you get around town with a professional yet friendly driver. Don't hesitate to ask him for directions, he can act as your guide equipped with his own Fukuoka itinerary just in case you don't have one! Capture the magnificent sights of historic temples blending perfectly with the city's urban developments while still maintaining its sunny disposition as a northern prefecture. You don't have to break the bank for additional expenses, this private service has all the bases covered including fuel costs, parking fees, and highway tolls. Book your private car charter now to begin your Fukuoka journey!

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