[Shizuoka] FUJIGATEWAY & Mt.Fuji One Day Bus Tour from Tokyo
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  • * Visit the outdoor experience facility “FUJI GATEWAY” opening in summer 2023!
  • * We will guide you to scenic spots, places where you can enjoy nature experiences, and local places recommended by locals in the Mt. Fuji area.
  • * A greedy one-day bus tour from Shinjuku, Tokyo, where you can fully enjoy the life and culture at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
  • * Go to Tokatsura, an unexplored area that few Japanese people set foot on!
What to expect

[FUJI GATEWAY & Yoshida womb tree mold day tour] Why not pretend to be a local and experience the life you've always dreamed of on Mt. Fuji? Not only can you enjoy great nature such as lava caves, but you can also enjoy luxurious cuisine made with ingredients grown in nature at popular restaurants frequented by locals! Stroll through the retro town and discover new discoveries and wonderful encounters in the back alleys! [Kouunin & FUJI GATEWAY day tour (lunch included)] Mt. Fuji is a sacred symbol that has been worshiped by the Japanese since ancient times. At the foot of the mountain, you will experience Japanese Buddhist meditation and sutra copying at Koun-in, a temple that has been passed down from generation to generation for 600 years. You will be able to forget about your daily worries and refresh your mind. You can also enjoy Buddhist vegetarian cuisine served by the chief priest. You can also experience harvesting wasabi, a representative of Japan's food culture, at a wasabi garden grown in underg

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