[Yamanashi] Mt. Fuji Day Tour from Tokyo: Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai, Ice & Wind Caves&Arakurayama Asama Park|Japan
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Be amazed by the grandeur of Mt. Fuji and the natural beauty of Lake Kawaguchi. Stroll through the natural springs of Oshino Hakkai and visit the beautiful Ice and Wind Caves.

  • Marvel at Mt. Fuji beautifully reflected on Lake Kawaguchi
  • Trek through the magnificent Fugaku Wind Cave and Narusawa Ice Cave 
  • Delight in sceneries around Mt. Fuji and soak in the embrace of mother nature 
  • Enjoy round-trip transportation from Ginza, Tokyo on KKday’s exclusive bus
  • Take advantage of the guaranteed departure and have fun hassle-free
What to expect

Book this incredible KKday Signature Tour to marvel at the natural beauty of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguch, stroll through the natural springs of Oshino Hakkai, and visit the secret Ice and Wind Caves and Arakurayama Asama Park. Don't miss out on the limited-time 50% off discount and the summer family discount!

Additional Info

Fugaku Wind Cave, Fujikawaguchiko Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

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