[Shizuoka] Tokyo Mount Fuji-Lake Kawaguchi boutique customized chartered one-day tour
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  • **Oshino Hakkai** is located in the southeast of Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Fuji. The village is famous for its abundant spring water from Mount Fuji.
  • **Lake Kawaguchi** A magnificent and peaceful lake surrounding the Mount Fuji area, perfect for relaxing or taking photos.
  • **Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nemba** A reconstructed Japanese village where visitors can explore the houses and rent traditional clothing.
  • **The itinerary can be customized**
What to expect

This day trip will provide you with a personalized Mount Fuji experience, allowing you to plan the itinerary according to your preferences and interests. The tour guide will provide appropriate suggestions and guidance based on your needs to ensure you have an unforgettable trip to Mount Fuji. Sample routes are for reference only. The itinerary can be customized. * **Route A (Fuji area classic route)** * Tokyo - Oshino Hakkai - Chureito Pagoda - Arakurayama Shrine - Lake Kawaguchi - Oishi Park - Saiko + lyashi no Sato - Return to Tokyo * **Route B (Mt. Fuji fifth station classic route)** * Tokyo - Mount Fuji 5th Station - Oshino Hakkai - Chureito Pagoda + Arakurayama Shrine - Lake Kawaguchi - Oishi Park - Kacha Kacha Ropeway - Tokyo Please note: From July 14, 2023 to September 10, 2023, private cars are prohibited from entering Mount Fuji’s fifth station. In this case, guests can choose to take the shuttle bus from the parking lot to the fifth station or change the itinerary. The operator will refund the

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