[Yamanashi] Mount Fuji Instagrammable Spots day tour (from Tokyo or Shinjuku)
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  • * Departs every day, minimum 1 person required;
  • * You can choose a small group of 4-13 people, but please note that the journey is long, so the comfort of the car is not good. In addition, the space in the car is limited, so small group guests cannot bring large luggage to avoid affecting the riding environment. Please use your own discretion!
  • * Internet celebrity check-in resort-Arakurayama Sengen Park;
  • * Rikawa Timepiece Store - Unlock the hidden version of the camera to capture Japanese street scenes;
  • * In front of Lawson Lake Kawaguchi Station - a holy place for travel photography; free convenience store: hot drinks in winter/cold drinks in summer;
  • * Chinese/Japanese/English trilingual tour guide, reliable and considerate service, detailed understanding of Japanese local customs;
  • * Hotel pick-up and drop-off can be upgraded. Hotel pick-up and drop-off range: 1. Shinjuku District 2. Chiyoda District 3. Chuo District 4. Taito District hotels/B&Bs.
What to expect

Assemble in Tokyo in the morning and set off for the Internet celebrity check-in resort - Arakurayama Sengen Park - an excellent location to enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Fuji. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and come to Mount Fuji's "Ladder Town". The streets leading to Mount Fuji are like a quiet street. The ladder, the end of the road is like Mount Fuji, infinitely close but out of reach-Hikawa Timepiece Store, enjoy the sweet and clear spring of Oshino Hakkai in the "Jiuzhaigou" at the foot of Mount Fuji. Afterwards, we will go to Lawson Kawaguchiko Station, a holy place for travel photography, and receive free ice cream or hot food in the store. Finally, we will go to Kawaguchiko Oishi Park (every summer, the lavender in Oishi Park on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi is in full bloom, like covering the park with a purple velvet blanket, which contrasts with the scenery of Mount Fuji. It is so beautiful. In autumn, the garden The broom grass (kochia) inside will turn red, and the furry ones a

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Yamanashi Prefecture


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