[Shizuoka] Arakurayama Sengen Park, Hikawa Clock Shop, & Oshino Hakkai Day Tour
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  • * Arakurayama Sengen Park is known as one of the "21 places that photographers around the world must visit before they die". In addition to enjoying the superb view of Mount Fuji, you can also overlook the charming street scene of Fujiyoshida City.
  • * At the hidden version of the photo spot, Hinikawa Watch Shop, you can take photos of the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji and the Japanese street view.
  • * The Oshino Hakkai at the foot of Mount Fuji is a nationally designated "Top 100 Famous Waters" and a "Natural Monument". They are eight clear springs formed by the snow water from Mount Fuji flowing through the ground for decades and filtered into clear spring water.
  • * Lawson Kawaguchiko Ekimae store is a popular spot on Instagram. The blue sky and Mount Fuji on a sunny day are very beautiful.
What to expect

Arakurayama Sengen Park is an excellent place to enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Fuji. Climb the 397 steps near the main shrine to capture the five-story pagoda, Mount Fuji and the street view at the foot of the mountain at one time. In addition, the Nikawa Timepiece Store also provides a hidden location that allows you to shoot Japanese street scenes with the spectacular Mount Fuji in the background, making it an ideal place for an internet celebrity to check in. At the foot of Mount Fuji, you can visit Oshino Hakkai, known as Japan’s Jiuzhaigou Valley. These eight springs are actually formed by filtering snowwater from Mount Fuji through the ground and are famous for their beautiful natural environment. The sparkling water of these pools contrasts beautifully with the majestic Mount Fuji In summer, the lavender in Oishi Park on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi is in full bloom, covering the park like a purple carpet, which contrasts sharply with the majestic scenery of Mount Fuji. When autumn arrives, the b

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