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A warm, wholesome day out at the farm may not be something you'll expect in Tokyo, but in Chiba-ken sits Mother Farm, an incredible amusement park and zoo combination! With its 250-hectare area space, there's an astonishing amount of activities to see and do! Kids will love the petting zoo, where they'll be able to get right up close to friendly sheep, goats, and other farm animals that graze peacefully on the pastures. The massive land space is also home to some dazzling meadows of flowers to view and play in! Kids will learn the importance of agriculture, plant harvesting, and flower picking activities at the farm. Older kids will be able to work with their hands at the handmade crafts area, where they'll be able to create whimsical things that serve as great souvenirs. There are thrill rides, zip line adventures in its theme park area, and restaurants serving wonderful food. As Mother Farm is an actual functioning farm, there are numerous food products available, fresh from the farm itself, that you and yo

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940-3 Tagura, Futtsu City, Chiba, Japan 299-1601


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