[Iwate] Demolition show sushi making classic cafe tour
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  • (1) Meet at Morioka Station. Chef and owner Yuichi Suzuki is waiting for you in the water square in front of Morioka Station. (2) We will pick you up at Fish Restaurant (Suzutoku) about 20 minutes by car from Morioka Station. It is also possible to guide you to a famous historical café with a connection to Kenji Miyazawa during the transfer. (3) When you arrive at the fish restaurant, the fisherman will show you the fish demolition scene. (4) You will experience using a Japanese knife to handle small fish such as horse mackerel. (5) Please make sushi.
  • Additional optional items
  • ・ Sushi lunch / dinner: Chef offers sushi
  • ・ Provide the highest quality
  • ・ Provides the finest salted sea urchins (limited from June to August)
  • ・ You can bake seasonal vegetables with the seven wheels (very luxurious time if you like vegetables)
  • ・ Provide local sake and whiskey
  • ・ Transfer to the hotel: The tour will meet at Morioka station first, but if you want to go to the hotel first, you will be guided to the hotel first.
  • ・ City sigh
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