[Osaka] Osaka, Japan | Luxurious beauty and skin care experience | Top-notch Aurora Essence Care | POLA Shinsaibashi store and 【Kansai Hiroshima】JR Sanyo-San'in Area Pass (7 Days) Package

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【Kansai Hiroshima】JR Sanyo-San'in Area Pass (7 Days)

Hagi / Hakata / Hiroshima / Kobe / Kyoto / Nara / Okayama / Osaka / Shimonoseki / Takamatsu / Tottori / Wakayama / Yamaguchi
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Atomic Bomb Dome Itsukushima Shrine Kansai International Airport Nara Park Tottori Sand Dunes Universal Studios Japan

23,000 JPY

[Osaka] Osaka, Japan | Luxurious beauty and skin care experience | Top-notch Aurora Essence Care | POLA Shinsaibashi store
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24,750 JPY

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Anti-aging and firming, improving V-shaped curves
  • Improve skin radiance, suppleness and improve dullness
  • Exclusive Japanese massage techniques, from acupressure on the head to lymphatic detoxification massage on the face, shoulders and neck, will make you feel relaxed physically and mentally
  • Use the concentrated essence of POLA's top Aurora Almighty Essence, paired with a plaster mask, to lock the rich beauty ingredients into the skin
  • BA travel trial package available
What to expect

Enjoy a facial with pure Japanese massage techniques. Combined with POLA's top-notch Aurora Almighty Essence in skin care products, it can be used with professional massage techniques from head to shoulders and neck to tighten and tighten the skin, creating a radiant, supple and supple skin. (Must visit in Japan, Kansai, Osaka, Shinsaibashi, maintenance and relaxation)

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