[Nara] Nara World Heritage Todaiji Visit and Naramachi Tour
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  • Nara is popular as a spot where you can feel the history of Japan, such as temples and buildings registered as World Heritage Sites.
  • Todaiji Temple, one of Japan's representative temples, attracts many tourists from overseas every year.
  • After walking around the Great Buddha Hall of Todaiji Temple, let's taste sake at Imanishi Seibei Shoten, which is famous for its authentic sake in the hot spot "Naramachi".
  • Nara Prefecture is also famous as a land of sake, with a temple that was the first to obtain a sake brewing license in Japan, and a shrine that enshrines the god of sake brewing.
  • At Imanishi Seibei Shoten, which brews various popular sake, you can taste 5 kinds of sake
  • You can get an explanation from the staff, so you can touch the history and culture of Nara through sake.
  • After leaving Imanishi Seibei Shoten, head to Nara Beer Naramachi Brewery.
  • This is a place where craft beer is brewed, and you can enjoy comparing the taste of beer.
  • Let's go together!
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