[Mie] Half Day Private Historical Cycling Tour near Ise Jingu Shrine
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  • This rural town cycling tour is an ideal getaway from the bustling shopping streets near Ise Jingu Shrine. Just a couple of stations away you can pedal your way through ancient historical sites, scenic beaches and traditional sake breweries.
  • Local people from the small town Meiwa call leisure cycling "Saikuling", a pun based on the remains of the historical Saiku palace where Ise Jingu Shrine's Saio princess used to reside during the Hean period (794-1185). Many of the spots you will see on this tour are designated national historic site and Japan Heritage. However, even if you are not into archaeological sites and ancient legends, this cycling tour will reveal a charming countryside town with its scenic landscape and warm-hearted people. Just a 15-minute train ride away from Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie, there is a whole hidden world to explore. Along the way your guide will tell you interesting stories about the daily life of local people and will introduce locally grown farm products.
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