[Mie] You can enjoy stories from active Ama divers and a meal of fresh seafood! Ama hut cooking experience course (Mie Toba/tradition)
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  • While sitting around the stove at the ama hut, you can enjoy fresh seafood grilled by the ama divers.

  • You can talk and hear about free diving fishing and the life of an ama diver from the divers.

  • Shuttle bus ``Amabus'' from Toba Station to ``Ama Hut Hachimankamado'' is also available (advance reservation required)

  • Free Wifi and foreign language pamphlets and menus are also available.

  • You can enjoy the ama hut experience starting from one person.

What to expect

Book online for the "Ama Hut Cooking Experience Course" in Toba City, Mie Prefecture! KKday, an optional tour reservation service, is selling an ama hut cooking experience course where you can enjoy a meal while listening to stories from active ama divers. Ama are female fishermen who make a living by free-diving to catch abalone, turban shells, seaweed, etc. Ama fishing is done by free-diving. In this plan, you can sit around the stove at the ama hut, enjoy fresh seafood cooked by the ama divers, and hear about free diving and the life of the ama divers from active ama divers. .

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