[Hokkaido] Caldera lakes Mashu and Kussharo one day private tour
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  • This is a full day trip to Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu from Abashiri.
  • Akan Mashu National Park, located in eastern Hokkaido, is a vast landscape comprising Japan's largest caldera, volcanoes, forests and lakes.
  • Amazing places we will see
  • - Caldera lake Kussharo, second largest caldera lake in the world. with a circumference of 57 Km, surrounded by natural Onsen.
  • - Mount iio the sulfur mountain
  • - Caldera Lake Mashu, one of the most transparent lake in the world with no rivers flowing out or in, with a deep blue surface
  • - Cobalt blue Kaminoko-ike spring water pond, son of lake Mashu , holy lake for Ainu people.
  • If you are interested in the optional tours such as canoeing, and hiking, or wish please ask us!
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Japan, 〒088-3341 Hokkaido, Kawakami District, Teshikaga, Kussharo, 美幌峠(バス)(女満別空港線・下り)

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