[Hokkaido] Lake Akan Steamboat Cruise in Hokkaido
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If you’re looking for a calming activity you can enjoy in Hokkaido, why not visit Lake Akan? Located at Churui Island, this breathtaking wetland is known for its verdant surroundings and the abundance of marimo, a rare form of algae balls. For a hassle-free exploration of Lake Akan, best to book this sightseeing activity via Klook! You’ll hop on a steamboat that will take you on a relaxing cruise around the lake’s waters for over an hour. An admission ticket to Marimo Exhibition Center is also included, where you can learn more about the moss balls that can be found in the lake. Once you’re finished with this short cruise, you can spend the rest of your day exploring Hokkaido!

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1-chōme-5-20 Akanchō Akankoonsen, Kushiro, Hokkaido 085-0467, Japan


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