[Hokkaido] Dress Up High-Quality “Hakama” Kimono and 30-min Rickshaw Tour
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  • This tour allows visitors to explore Hakodate's local neighborhoods in traditional Japanese dress, guided by a local rickshaw puller. Feel the history of the town, while watching the semi-Western style buildings, and the oldest telegraph pole in Japan. Enjoy the rickshaw ride while feeling as if you traveled back in the 19th century. You will have an unforgettable moment while immersing yourself in a nostalgic vibe in Japan.
  • ・Luxury cross-cultural experience on a rickshaw!
  • ・Commemorative photo in the Western-style kimono called Hakama
  • ・Look around the city without worrying about crowds and bad weather
  • ・There are many Insta-worthy spots in the 19th century cityscape
  • ・30 minutes only to enjoy the main area of Hakodate
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