Hokkaido Hakodate-Onuma Segway Tours
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9,000 JPY

  • There are more than 1
  • 000 Segway tours around the world such as Paris, Rome, and Hawaii, and they are attracting attention as a popular experience-type activity
  • It is a tour where the guide takes the lead in a line like the parents and children of the duck, and with the guide, you will visit the local attractions on the Segway
  • The guides are aiming for a tour that draws out the charm of the land, not just for running
What to expect


Japan, 〒041-1392 Hokkaido, Kameda District, Nanae, Nishiōnuma, 温泉 函館大沼プリンスホテル内

Additional Info

Hakodate Onuma Prince Hotel, Nishionuma Onsen, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido

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