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  • 實行新冠肺炎防疫措施


  • 箱包,錢包,鞋靴博覽會 至本日止

    • 活動日期 2021-04-06 10:00 - 2021-04-12 20:00
    • 活動内容 ■ Building A 1st floor = Promotion space

      Brand <Artfear> born in Toyooka, the city of bags.
      We propose a bag that can be used widely from business scenes to private life, completed by fusing traditional techniques and the latest technology.
  • 饋贈佳品

    雜貨,日用品博覽會 至本日止

    • 活動日期 2021-04-06 10:00 - 2021-04-12 20:00
    • 活動内容 ■ Building A 2nd floor = Promotion space

      Introducing the framed soap <kahogo soap> made by craftsmen over 90 days with the concept of "living with art in everyday life as if enjoying music". You can also remove the art side from the package and decorate it. Please enjoy the unique art by the creator.
  • Lighten your heart and nurture your dreams. Seibu / Sogo school bag 2022

    Lighten your heart and nurture your dreams. Seibu / Sogo school bag 2022 至2022-03-31止

    • 活動日期 2021-04-06 10:00 - 2022-03-31 20:00
    • 活動内容 ■ Building A 6th floor = Children's clothing special venue, e. Department store

      We will prepare a variety of school bags that will be close to your child's daily life as they enter the school in the spring of 2022 and take a new step. A special site has opened that allows parents and children to enjoy choosing from home to the internet. We have a wide variety of products, and we also introduce the points of selection.
      There is a lot of information you need to know, such as "Iroha of school bags" and "Evolving school bags" that you should read before choosing a school bag.
  • 我們支持在雨天外出! 下雨天的禮物和服務

    我們支持在雨天外出! 下雨天的禮物和服務 至2021-06-30止

    • 活動日期 2020-09-28 10:00 - 2021-06-30 20:00
    • 活動内容 商店中的“雨傘”插圖標記是一個地標!

      *請從您的PC /智能手機查看。

      *禮物和服務只能在Seibu Shibuya商店使用。
  • 饋贈佳品

    點心博覽會 至2021-06-30止

    • 活動日期 2021-01-08 10:00 - 2021-06-30 20:00
    • 活動内容 ■B1F大樓= La Trie Monay
      這是一家美麗的Rusk專賣店,生產瑪麗·安托瓦內特(Marie Antoinette)的下午茶時間。
      La Triemoney的麵包幹由熟練的糕點師一對一手工製作。 酥脆的麵團,工匠多次折疊和分層。

      當前的限量版產品是什麼? 我們聽到了許多來自客戶的聲音。

  • 繪畫展示會 至2021-04-18止

    • 活動日期 2021-03-30 10:00 - 2021-04-18 20:00
    • 活動内容 ■ Building B 8th floor = art gallery, alternative space, etc.

      We will hold a solo exhibition with new works by multi-artist Ellie Omiya, who develops genreless activities such as writer business, radio personality, TV program moderator, movie production, stage production and so on.

      "New world for you I"
      2021 Acrylic on canvas 110 × 83cm
      © Ellie Omiya, courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery

      ▽ Click here for details
  • 數量限定

    食品博覽會 至2021-04-25止

    • 活動日期 2021-03-12 10:00 - 2021-04-25 20:00
    • 活動内容 ■ Building A B1F = Seibu Food Museum, B2F = Vinos
      Yamazaki Wineist

      We have prepared a variety of popular gourmet fun bags that will make you feel like you are going out at home in the bright spring weather.

      * The number of products is limited. It will end as soon as it runs out.

      ▽ Please see here for details.
  • 日本文化

    美術品博覽會 至2021-04-18止

    • 活動日期 2021-02-25 00:00 - 2021-04-18 20:00
    • 活動内容 Rugged feelings go beyond time.

      ■ February 23 (Tuesday / holiday) -April 18 (Sunday)
      ■ Building A 6th floor = Children's clothing special venue
      * May dolls will be on sale until May 3, 2021 (Monday / holiday).

      "Tango no Sekku" wishing for healthy growth. We have a wide variety of May dolls suitable for a radiant celebration.

      Buy May dolls for 150,000 yen (tax excluded) or more and get 15% off, and purchase less than 150,000 yen (tax excluded) for 10% off.

      From compact-sized May dolls to storage decorations that are easy to decorate and close, to gems that support the skills of Kyoto craftsmen. Introducing a number of wonderful interior decorations that are close to the feelings for your precious child.

      May the group of Halle have a happy time.

      * Some items are excluded.
      *% OFF display is the discount rate from the regular selling price at the May doll section.
      * Please ask the sales floor staff for details.
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