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[東京] Reservation for Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi 2 Michelin Star Tokyo
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29,040 JPY

  • English-speaking chef: enjoy an explanation of your meal in English! | Enjoy a variety of sushi made with different types of seafood | Taste a fine selection of exquisite sushi carefully prepared by one of Japan's very best sushi masters, Takashi Ono

'- This reservation is not guaranteed to be confirmed and is on a request basis - Customers must be at the restaurant at least 5 minutes before the reserved time; in case of late arrival, reservations may be canceled without refund - Additional food and drinks are not included - Dress code is smart casual - Wearing fragrances is strictly not permitted as it interferes with the appreciation of the meal - Please be aware that Jiro Roppongi has just 8 seats, and availability may change without notice (calendar is not updated in real time) - There are no seats for small children, so please let us know the ages of all children when you book - Note that Jiro serves a set course and raw fish cannot be omitted; dietary preferences may not be accommodated, but please inform us of all allergies at the time of booking




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